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29,000 + 7,250 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL R$20,00
66,000 + 16,500 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL R$45,00
117,000 + 29,250 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL: 80,00
176,000 + 44,000 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL R$120,00
220,000 + 55,000 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL R$150,00
322,000 + 80,500 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL R$220,00
440,000 + 110,000 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL R$300,00
735,000 + 183,750 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL R$500,00
1500,000 + 375,000 GamerCash
PRICE: BRL R$1000,00
A message confirming that your transaction was successful will be displayed upon purchase of GamerCash. Please wait for this message to display to ensure that your deposit is not delayed.

What is Points (GC)?

Points (GC), "GamerCash" refers to our virtual coin of the Priston Tale 2 portal's. The GC can be used to purchase items, accessories and utilities at ITEM MALL on our website or directly from within the game. Points (GC) has no real world value and can only be used to purchase Priston Tale 2 digital items in our ITEM MALL. We are not responsible for any purchase.